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Drum-Major WebsiteŠ

How many pipe band websites have you been on that there's anything about the band's drum-major? In my experience, not too many. Spectators at the contests may be curious as to what exactly we do, so here's the place to find out more!! This website has only been launched, so please bear with me until everything is finished. Sign the guestbook, and check out our all new forum for everyone to discuss whatever they like. All the results I have acsess to, from the start of the season will be available as well.

If anyone has drum-major photos, I would really appreciate them being e-mailed to me. At the moment I only have a few drum-major photos, and am looking for more so I can add some onto the website. Don't be afraid, I'm sure you are all lovely! It's a free 5 minutes of fame anyway!

Due to the content of posts in the forum last year I have decided to start a new forum with stricter rules, but one that should accomodate everyone - please use this forum from now on and Good Luck to all drum-majors for the new season!

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New Forum

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